Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Exec Task in Nant 0.84

Today i needed to add a line to the Nant file so as to execute a command line.

Browsing the Task List , i found that there is one called exex

Then i wrote the command i needed to execute .
Something like this "rs -iblablabla -ublabla -pblabla"

But executing the command line, Nant intended to execute the next:

rs "-iblablabla -ublabla -pblabla" (Adding quotes)

So that it derived on an error .

Lamentably i can not install the 0.85 version that solves the problem, so thinking a little I solved it executing a .bat file and writing my command on it and finally executing what i needed.

So the configuration file keeps in that way:

exec program="mirs.bat"/

That solved my problem when Nant adds quotes while executing a command, but in some cases this can not solve your situation and you'll need to install the 0.85 version.


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