Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Reporting Services Security

Last week i needed to design some reports with Microsoft Sql Server Reporting Services.
These reports 'll be shown on a demo and prefered not to show login windows when a report needed to de displayed, so that i have to way to make it. One was to use the viewer using the SOAP API published at http://www.codeproject.com/useritems/SQLRSViewer.asp.
The another one was to configure Reporting Services so as to work with a "hardcoded user".
To do that you must :

Open Internet Information Server Manager
Go to ReportServer Website properties
Go to Directory Security Tab
Edit the authentication methods
Enable Anonymous Access
Write a valid user/password for Reporting Services

Then on the web.config of ReportServer WebSite add/modify theses tags

add/modify the authentication mode Tag with the value "Windows"

add/modify the "autorization" Tag
add/modify the "allow users" Element with the value "*"
close the "autorization" Tag

add/modify the "identity impersonate" Tag with the value "true"

Restart your ReportServer Web Site, and now you can see your reports without being asked for a user/password login window.

Any question email me to fhunth@hotmail.com

Fernando Hunth
Senior Developer
3DCE Microsoft Certified Developer

Huddle Group S.A. Enterprise Technology Services Microsoft Certified Partner

Ciudad de Buenos Aires ยท Argentina


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