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Sharepoint 2010 Enterprise Edition Features

Sharepoint 2010 Enterprise Edition

These are the Enterprise Edition features.

Access Services
o Publish Access databases in SharePoint.
Advanced Content Processing
o Extract and create metadata from documents to improve search results, sorting capabilities, and refinement.
Advanced Sorting
o Sort results based on Managed Properties or Rank Profiles.
Business Data Integration with the Office Client
o Interact with external business data directly within the familiar user environment of Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft SharePoint Workspace
Business Data Web Parts
o Create unique business applications and display information from line-of-business systems using Business Data Web Parts.
Business Intelligence Center
o Use the examples in this dedicated SharePoint site template to help you get started with your Business Intelligence projects
Business Intelligence Indexing Connector
o Browse Excel workbooks and Reporting Services Reports with improved results, descriptions, thumbnails, and refiners. Discover your Business Intelligence assets quickly and easily, browse the document and its behind-the-scenes data, and access the information you need quickly and easily
Calculated KPIs
o Create powerful key performance indicators (KPIs) derived from multiple data sources. Sample templates enable the creation of KPIs quickly and easily using a powerful new expression editor.
Chart Web Parts
o Choose from a wide range of chart types to create advanced visualizations using the data in SharePoint, including SharePoint Lists, Business Connectivity Services, or Excel Services. A simple wizard guides you through the creation of charts empowering you to create your own dashboards quickly and easily.
Contextual Search
o Tailor different results and refinement options based on the profile of the user or audience
o Create rich dashboards that convey the right information the first time, aggregating content from multiple sources and displaying it in a Web browser in an understandable and collaborate environment. Rich interactivity lets you to analyze up-to-the-minute information and work with the data quickly and easily to identify key opportunities and trends.
Data Connection Library
o Easily share, manage, and discover data connections by centralizing Office Data Connections (ODCs) in Data Connection Libraries. Access data you need while IT centrally manages the connections and underlying data sources.'
Decomposition Tree
o Perform root cause analyses using powerful analytics to examine core data. View only the most pertinent information using the new Decomposition Tree
Deep Refinement
o See the exact number of documents that match each refinement option in a result set.
Excel Services
o Publish Excel workbooks as interactive reports or dashboards. Create rich business experiences with the new JavaScript Object Model, and use the new REST API to easily embed workbooks in other applications. Reuse content in SharePoint dashboards with the new features of Excel 2010 (including Sparklines and Visual Slicers).
Excel Services and PowerPivot for SharePoint
o Publish Excel workbooks with PowerPivot as interactive reports and dashboards within SharePoint. Schedule and refresh your PowerPivot-enabled Excel workbooks and use a rich management dashboard to monitor and manage the workbooks across your SharePoint farm.
Extensible Search Platform
o Meet your company^s complex search needs with an extensible search platform. Build search-driven applications, including 360° Customer Insight applications, Research and Development portals, and Product Support dashboards.
Extreme Scale Search
o Search billions of documents while maintaining sub-second query times.
InfoPath Forms Services
o Create rich electronic forms to quickly gather information. Use Microsoft InfoPath to build form-based SharePoint applications and advanced forms that connect to line-of-business systems.
PerformancePoint Services
o Access the information you need when you need it with interactive dashboards and scorecards. Easily analyze root causes and make effective decisions by using new features like the Decomposition Tree, visualizations, and improved filtering.
Rich Web Indexing
o Index dynamic Web content and JavaScript with a highly customizable indexing connector.
Similar Results
o Find results that are similar to your search query.
Thumbnails and Previews
o Recognize the right content quickly with thumbnail and preview images in your search results.
Tunable Relevance with Multiple Rank Profiles
o Build rank profiles to define customized ranking algorithms. Blend multiple rank ingredients--including content freshness, authority, and quality--to return the right results.
Visio Services
o Publish Visio 2010 diagrams to SharePoint 2010 to let your people view and refresh diagrams in a browser without opening Visio. Integrate diagrams into other SharePoint applications and develop rich mash-ups.
Visual Best Bets
o Return rich, editorialized results for specific search keywords using Visual Best Bets. Target content to specific groups of users by associating Visual Best Bets with User Context.

Includes Foundation and Standard Features

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