Monday, April 19, 2010

Announcing Facebook as 2010 TopCoder Open Sponsor (and they're hiring)!‏

Facebook is excited to be a part of the 2010 TopCoder(R) Open!
Facebook is also looking to hire the best TopCoder members for both full time and internship positions.
Let us know if you're interested. We'd love to meet you to talk more about some of the awesome engineering opportunities we have.
Facebook is built by a relatively small group of the smartest engineers, hackers and entrepreneurs who each have a huge impact on the 400+ million people that use Facebook around the world. We work in small teams, so every Facebook engineer is responsible for more than one million users, a ratio that is 10-30 times greater than other technology companies.
We are constantly challenged to scale quickly and efficiently, and have some of the best engineers working together to solve today's toughest technical problems.
Help develop the second most-trafficked site and one of the largest MySQL installations in the world.
Build with PHP, C++, Python, Java, Erlang, and even a little bit of ML.
Hack on open source infrastructure technologies to support the site's growth including HipHop for PHP, Cassandra, Hive, Scribe, and Thrift.
Enhance our custom-built search engine that serves millions of queries a day.
Grow Facebook Platform, one of the world's most advanced social platforms.
At Facebook, we move fast. Our rapid development cycle is supported by tools that always keep us operating ahead of the curve. Our engineers are able to write code and have it running live on the site that same night - see the impact you're making in real-time.
Best of luck in competitions leading up to the 2010 TopCoder Open Finals and we hope to see you there!
Learn more about the TCO10 here:
- Facebook and the TopCoder Competitions Team



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