Monday, April 23, 2007

Error reading file with Sharepoint Designer

I am rebuilding a page on Sharepoint Designer 2007 and the file size keeps increasing dramatically. Plus the Designer tends to add a tremendous amount of white space throughout the HTML code behind to the point where it reached around tons of lines of HTML code (with only 6 web parts). And of course rendering time was dreadful. Couple of minutes later the Designer crashed and when I re-opened the website the file size has changed from 50Kb to almost 6.5Mb!! And of course Designer couldn't open it, but instead it displayed a message saying "Error reading file."

I solved it editing the file with another editor and deleting the +50K blank spaces.


Blogger Henry Ong said...

Hey Fernando, may I ask which editor you used? I'm having hte same issues except my file size has not increased.

10:35 PM

Blogger U S said...

Hey I have the same issue and Iam using Sharepoint Designer 2007 . Did you get any resolution ?Please mail me at

6:33 AM

Blogger Henry Ong said...

I just figured it out and wrote a blog post about it here:

9:46 AM


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