Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Commerce Server 2007 targeting ads

I was researching about targeting ads on Commerce Server 2007.

I spent some days trying to generate new ads so as to target for example a registered user and a public user, just to make a basic proof concept, so I generated a targeted ad for a registered user creating a new expression and then used the "Refresh Cache" Link button, but I never got my desired result on the Starter Site Pages.
It happens that there are some cache configurations that helped me so as to solve this problem during the proof concept, so if you modify this king of configuration to refresh cache in 1 second you 'll see your desired ad

Sample Configuration
cache name="Advertising" type="Advertising" refreshInterval="1" retryInterval="1"

I really dont know if the Refresh Link on the Marketing Manager is not working ok, or I am not understanding something on Commerce Server 2007, but this change on the configuration could help you.



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