Monday, April 21, 2008

Adding a drop down list (combo) to the custom property pane on a Sharepoint Web Part.


How to add a drop down list to the property pane

Secondly, let's make use of an enum structure which contains company names (as displayed below).


/// Holds the company names


publicenum CompanyName : int


TaxOffice = 0, //This will display customers as Tax Office Customers

PostOffice = 1, //This will display customers as Post Office Customers

Bank = 2, //This will display customers as Bank Customers

Telephone = 3 //This will display customers as Telephone Customers


Figure 10: Enum class that hold the company names

I expose this enum class as a Web Part custom property as display below,


/// This property will determine the name of the company.

/// The names of the companies are stored in an enum collection.

/// This will be available in a drop down list.


[Browsable(true),//Display the property in property pane

Category("Customer Details"),//Create a Customer Details category in

property pane

DefaultValue(CompanyName.Bank),//Assign a default value

WebPartStorage(Storage.Personal),//Make available in both personal and

shared mode

FriendlyName("Company name"),//The caption display in property pane

Description("Select the office")]//The tool tip

public CompanyName DisplayCompanyName




return m_enmSelectedCompany;




m_enmSelectedCompany = value;



Figure 11: Custom property with an enum class

This custom property will display in property pane as below


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